Special investigation with Kelly Kirk Rohs opera house September 2012

Old south Pittsburg July 2012

Gray cemetery June 2012

Privet residence June 2012 

Privet June 2012 

Rohs opera house the return May 2012

 Browse awhile books April 2012

 Rohs opera hous april 2012

Phipps residence nov 2011


Mountain View Lodge Aug 18th

 Cox Cemetery Gray Ky July 2011

Training Investigation Cemetery  London Ky July 2011

Training Investigation Pleasant View Cemetery July 2011

 Private Residence London KY July 2011

 Private Residence Gray Ky  July 2011

 Brewer Residence Pittsburg Ky  July  19th 2011

This location is the site of a unsolved double homicide.  We have been ask to try and contact the spirts of the Father and son that were murderd here to help the family find closer to such a horrific crime.   Brewer Family we will do our best!

  Private Business June 28th 2011

 Brewer Residence Pittsburg Ky  Third week of  June 2011/Reschedule due to weather 

Old South Pittsburg Hospital June 1st 2011 

 The Waverly HIlls Sanatorium May 8th 2011

The Phipps Residence April 28th 2011 

Pleasant View Cemetery 2011 

Mountain View Lodge September 2010 

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