Southeastern Paranormal Investigating Society is listed as an Paranormal Clergy Affiliate.

The Paranormal Clergy Institute was created so that all paranormal groups could utilize our skills, knowledge, and professionalism.   The Paranormal Clergy Institute was created for the sole purpose of  reaching beyond group membership in order to assist home owners who are truly suffering from Demonic Infestation, Oppression and Possession.  

Because we are ultimately an independent group, we are able to offer our services to anyone who may needs help.  We are NOT affiliated with one particular group.  We work with all groups who may need our assistance. If you would like to add us on facebook, you can go here to do so here:

Our mission is to help home owners and paranormal groups who who directly involved with demonic infestation cases or who have questions regarding demonic infestation.Please note that the Paranormal Clergy Institute are not necessarily involved with the Paranormal Investigations.  Paranormal groups, upon finding evidence of demonic hauntings, reach out to us for assistance in these matters. 

We are not here to take control of any group’s case.  We are strictly here as a resource for groups.  Should a group need our assistance, we require that the paranormal group remains active within the case and assist us in helping their clients. 

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