Southeastern Paranormal Investigating  Society provides a scientific  approach to paranormal investigations. Using historical research,  witness interviews, audio, video and photographic technology, an extensive background of metaphysical knowledge, and investigative patience, our investigators seek to understand the nature of the reported paranormal activity, as well as the causes. Our mission is to gather evidence, whether that evidence points to a natural or a supernatural cause, because our only purpose is to find the truth.  Our services are always



Our investigators take a professional approach, seeking first to exclude all natural causes for reported activity before making a paranormal determination. Prior to starting any investigation requested by a private party, we confer with the home or business owner, letting him/her know exactly what to expect during the investigation. We discuss the level of confidentiality that the home or business owner expects, and then we put those expectations in writing. We understand that our clients often have nowhere else to turn, and our primary mission, above all other goals, is to assist them.

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